All your routine dental care and treatment can be provided at Whitley Dental. You will be seen by one of our experienced dentists who will discuss your needs, explain the options, and with your approval, produce a personalised treatment plan and estimate of costs. Whether we need to do routine or complex work for you, or just help you to maintain healthy teeth and gums, we want to make your visits as easy and comfortable as possible.

Should you need advanced dental treatment which would be better provided by a specialist, we can make recommendations and arrange an appropriate referral for you. Whitley Dental is a member of The British Dental Health Foundation. Please follow this link to their excellent web pages when you need detailed information and explanation of the many aspects of dental care and treatments.

There are also some things we would like you to know about the treatments available at The Whitley Dental Clinic…

Family Dentist
Preventive Dentistry
White Tooth Coloured Fillings
Crowns and Bridges
(Metal Free Options)
Hygiene Treatments
(Stain Removal and Gum Health)
Tooth Whitening
(Home Kits and Chair Side Philips Zoom)

Dental Implants

Facial Rejuvenation Treatments
Sedation for Anxious Patients
Natural Dentures
Surgical / Oral Surgery Treatment
(Referrals Accepted)