Health and Safety

At Whitley Dental we take our health and safety responsibilities very seriously. We have a duty to protect both our staff and our patients. There are strict guidelines laid down by both the General Dental Council and British Dental Association.

We pride ourselves on our clean and safe environment and constantly review and update our techniques. All instruments are either single-use or have been cleaned appropriately and sterilised using high-pressure autoclaves in our central sterilising unit. All instruments are placed into sealed sterile bags ready for use by the dentists and hygienist. We of course use new gloves for each and every patient. To prevent any spray or foreign bodies entering patient’s eyes, we provide you with protective glasses to wear during each procedure.

We are equipped with ultra-low dose X-ray equipment, to minimise the exposure that you receive. All staff at Whitley Dental have a duty and responsibility to themselves, patients and colleagues to comply with necessary steps to prevent cross infection in the practice. Complying with health and safety regulations is commensurate with their contract of employment and all new staff is appropriately trained in infection control procedures used in the surgery.

We regularly undergo appraisals by independent inspectors to ensure that we comply with all current regulations. All staff take part in regular emergency and fire drills, and have completed child protection courses and are CRB checked.

If you have any concerns regarding health and safety, please feel free to discuss this with us.